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Democracy wins again through free, fair by-polls: Quader

Democracy wins again through free, fair by-polls: Quader RexoNews Reported.

Democracy wins again through free, fair by-polls: Quader

DHAKA, Feb 1, 2023 (BSS) – Awami League (AL) General Secretary Obaidul Quader 
toady said democracy has once again won in the country with free and fair by-
elections held today at six constituencies left by Bangladesh Nationalist 
Party (BNP).

He made the remarks while speaking at a rally, organised by the Dhaka South 
City AL, at Jatrabari intersection here protesting the BNP-Jamaat’s terror 
acts and anarchy.

Quader, also the road transport and bridges minister, said who won and who 
lost in the by-polls was not the main issue. “It was important that whether 
the by-elections were held in free and fair manner or not,” he added.

The AL general secretary said BNP gave “disguised candidates” in all seats in 
the by-elections. With the passage of time, the BNP will realise how big 
mistake it made by resigning from the national parliament, he said. 

Claiming that the government is not nervous or afraid of BNP’s road march, he 
questioned, “Why did they (BNP) stop their road march instead of showing red 
card to the government?”

The BNP’s movement is getting softer from hot, while the government is not 
afraid of it but the party itself is afraid, Quader said, adding: “We are not 
panicked or afraid of their road march. BNP’s programme is softening and 
their world is getting smaller.”

“BNP is a pathless passerby,” he said, “but we are yet to start our game. 
BNP’s movement for falling the government and its demand for caretaker 
government are fake ones.”

The AL general secretary said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam 
Alamgir went to show red card to the government but returned empty handed. 

“Movement for ousting the government, 54 parties, 27 and 10 points, caretaker 
government are all fake,” he said. 

Chaired by Dhaka South City AL President Abu Ahmed Mannafi, the rally was 
addressed, among others, by AL Presidium Member Advocate Quamrul Islam, Joint 
General Secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif, Organising Secretaries Mirza Azam and 
Sujit Roy Nandi and Dhaka South City AL General Secretary Humayun Kabir.

Quamrul said BNP deceived the country’s people time and again and that is why 
they do not trust the party anymore.

“There will be no result by trying to halt the next general elections,” he 
said, adding that the people would once again make Awami League victorious 
and eliminate the murderers of 1971. 

Hanif said the BNP’s only aim is to grab the state power by destabilising the 
country. The BNP will never get the support of voters and that is why it is 
again indulged in conspiracy, he added.



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