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Huge investment, no attention to signal

India is a country where the fate of political leaders is largely linked to the railway system. Interrail system is one of the main means of communication in the country. Although the country’s government has invested a lot in the development of railways, there is little attention paid to the signal system. As a result, the people of the country often suffer from terrible accidents. News from NDTV and Reuters.

Rescue operations at the scene of India’s worst train accident in more than two decades officially ended on Sunday. At least 275 people lost their lives in this accident. However, the death toll on Saturday was said to be 288.

However, Odisha Chief Secretary Pradeep Jain fears that the death toll will rise as around 1,200 people have been injured. He said that the rescue operation is over. About 900 of the injured have returned home after treatment, the local government said. 260 people are undergoing treatment. One is in critical condition.

According to the state-run Indian Railways, they carry an average of 1.3 million passengers every day. Old railway infrastructure is being blamed for the fatal accident on Friday evening. Apart from this, work is going on to improve the messy security system. The railway authorities also said that investigation is going on to find out the cause of the accident. There are varying accounts of how the collision occurred and which train derailed first. However, Indian Railways spokesperson Amitabh Sharma said that Karamandal Express was the first to derail.

Railway board member Jaya Verma Sinha said that the computer-controlled track management system is now the focus of investigation into the cause of the accident. This is called an ‘interlocking system’, which directs a train to an empty track where two tracks meet.

Railway Minister said on Twitter yesterday that more than a thousand people have participated in the rescue work. We aim to complete the re-establishment of rail links by Wednesday morning. Railway line repair work should also be done.



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