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Anupama 12th February 2023 Written Update Rexo News

Anupama 12th February 2023 Written Update by RexoNews.

Anupama 12th February 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today’s Anupama 12th February 2023 episode starts with Rakhi telling Kinjal that she mustn’t suffer to take care of Toshu when he never even treated her like a wife.

Though Kinjal tries to resist, her mother is pretty adamant and takes her home against her will.

The Shahs are baffled at Rakhi’s terrible timing and the cruelty with which she took Kinjal away when Toshu will need her the most.

Kinjal struggles emotionally as her love for Toshu tells her to take care of him though she knows her mother is right that she needs to get out of that toxic marriage.

When Toshu comes home, all are there to greet him except Kinjal which causes him distress.

Meanwhile, at Kapadia House, Anuj tells Choti Anu after folding Maya’s drawing that family only means Anupama, her, and him. 

Anuj leaves angrily while Maya folds Anupama’s side of the drawing and says it should be her, Choti Anu, & Anuj only.

Will Kinjal listen to her heart and come back or leave Toshu forever?

On the other hand, will Maya try to distance Anupama from Anuj who is busy with her previous family for now?

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