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Shakib Khan shares emotional story from the US

Shakib Khan shares emotional story from the US by RexoNews.

Dhallywood’s biggest star, Shakib Khan is currently in the US. The actor travelled there on January 17, but will soon return home within the next couple of days. While on his trip, the star was touched by one incident in particular, so much so that he spoke with The Daily Star to share the story.

“I was walking through my hotel lobby when I spotted a boy running towards me from a distance. He came up to me and hugged me. At first, he seemed very nervous and could not talk to me. So, I spoke to him and learned that he was around 20-21 years of age. He has been working in the US since a young age. While he works an average job, he is quite a wonderful person. His hard-earned income helps support his family back home. At an age when he should be pursuing his studies, he left everything behind to support his family and build a beautiful future for them. He works tirelessly, day and night, sometimes working overtime without feeding himself, just to send home some money to bring a smile to his family’s faces. He is contributing to our country’s economy. I could clearly see the look of satisfaction in his eyes,” shared Shakib.

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“During this trip in the US, this was one of the most beautiful moments I experienced, which touched my heart. Quite often, we meet strangers here. Many love me with all of their hearts. Talking to these wonderful people, it gives me a kind of mental peace. I see these proud people from my country hidden across different corners of this city of glitter, glam and concrete; tirelessly working away. Because of them, the economy of my Bangladesh is prospering. While they may not know how much of a role they play in building our Shonar Bangla, they are the real heroes in my eyes,” added Shakib Khan.

Presently, Shakib Khan starrer “Agun” and “Leader : Ami Bangladesh” are awaiting release.

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