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Phone tapping meant for checking militancy only: PM

Phone tapping meant for checking militancy only: PM by RexoNews.

“It [unelected government] will never happen. And those who want to go to power should come forward,” she said

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today in parliament said the government does not listen to people’s telephone conversations and that law enforcement agencies do that only to stop militancy.

Hasina said the government made Digital Bangladesh but now information on how to make bombs and carry out militancy is being exchanged via different apps.

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“How can we curb militancy and terrorism and how will we get their information if these things can’t be tapped?” she said while delivering her closing speech for the 21st session of the 11th parliament.

She said many people are now speaking about phone tapping. “But what is the reason? What secrets would they reveal? And it will be a problem if the government listened to them?” she said.

In her speech, the leader of the House urged those having dreams about an unelected government in power to “come out of their nightmare”.

“It [unelected government] will never happen. And those who want to go to power should come forward. Whoever the populace elects will rule. The Awami League will never interfere,” she said.

“The country is developing because the democratic process is continuing … People are benefiting.”

Some people are saying that if an unelected government runs the country for two or three years, there will be no harm, she said.

“Do those who say such things really want the welfare of the people? They prioritise their personal gains. The people will have to be aware of them and stay alert,” she said.

She said Bangladesh is an internationally recognised development model but this is not noticed by these people. It is unfortunate, she said.

Hasina said during the rule of unelected governments, people saw the “destruction of trade and business development” that hampered the country’s production and created a scary situation. “Do they want to take the people back in the frightening situation?”

She asked those who want to have power to get involved in politics and get elected to office.

Referring to the recently concluded six parliamentary by-polls and Rangpur City Corporation election, Hasina said the government has proved that the elections are held in free, fair and neutral manner.

She said not a single person could raise questions about the six by-polls. “Does this not demonstrate the ability of the Election Commission to conduct free and fair elections under the Awami League’s rule? The Awami League government does not interfere and will not do so.”

Hasina assured people that there will not be any scarcity of essential commodities during the upcoming Ramadan as enough quantity of food is in stock and more are being imported.

Hasina said the country has enough stock on chickpea, sugar, edible oil, onion, date, pulse but still it was importing more.

She said there is no problem for honest businesses importing essentials for Ramadan. There is no obstacles to opening letters of credit for importing commodities, she added.

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