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Last 4 days made me forget last 4 years: SRK on ‘Pathaan’

Last 4 days made me forget last 4 years: SRK on ‘Pathaan’ by RexoNews.

Since its release, “Pathaan” has dominated the box office, breaking multiple records. In the midst of this wave of success, Team “Pathaan” made the decision to hold a press conference to discuss the remarkable success the movie has had, both locally and internationally. 

The press conference took place yesterday, with Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, and director Siddharth Anand participating. During the media interactions, Shah Rukh Khan shared his joy over the success of “Pathaan”.

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Shah Rukh Khan’s last theatrical film appearance was in the 2018 film “Zero”. “Pathaan” marks SRK’s return to the big screen after a four-year sabbatical. At the event, King Khan shared how he had taken a two-year break and that the “Pathaan” crew worked for the remaining two years. He stated that there were both good and negative aspects to this phase. 

He also mentioned that, during the break, he was able to spend time with his family and see his children Suhana, AbRam, and Aryan grow up. “The time I got to spend with my family, I was able to see them grow. As my previous film had failed, I had already considered other careers. I had planned to open a restaurant.”

SRK stated that when he learned that John Abraham would be appearing in the film, he was eager to collaborate with him.

“When I learned that John was doing the film, I was excited to collaborate with him. Sid and I had persuaded him to join the film and I appreciate John’s participation. It’s a pleasure to return,” said Shah Rukh.  

“I am grateful to Adi (Aditya Chopra), Sid, and everyone else for this film’s success. Because of the last four days, I have forgotten the past four years,” he concluded. 


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