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here’s how you can help quake victims

here’s how you can help quake victims RexoNews Report.

The Turkish Embassy in Dhaka has called for support from the people of Bangladesh in the form of necessities for the homeless as casualties continue mounting after the earthquakes.

Speaking at a briefing at the embassy, Turkish Ambassador Mustafa Osman Turan mentioned 12,391 fatalities, 62,914 injuries and 6,440 collapsed buildings as of 3 am on Thursday.

Following the catastrophic magnitude 7.7 and 7.6 earthquakes on Feb 6, he said, the tremors and aftershocks were felt as far as the United Kingdom.

The ongoing search and rescue operations are unearthing people trapped under the rubble, dead or alive, as the death toll on Thursday passed 17,000 in Turkey and Syria.

Bangladesh sent a team of 61 medical experts and rescuers to Turkey, joining humanitarian efforts to help hundreds of thousands of people left homeless by the earthquakes.

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