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‘Diversification of local industries must for sustainable LDC graduation’

‘Diversification of local industries must for sustainable LDC graduation’ Reported by Rexo News:

Experts at a workshop in Rajshahi have called for the diversification of local industries and better utilization of local agricultural resources.

Simultaneously, they have called for improving the quality of vocational education and the development of a skilled workforce.

Support to Sustainable Graduation Project (SSGP) of the Economic Relations Division (ERD) organized a workshop styled “Local Level Stakeholders Consultation on Inclusive, Smooth and Sustainable LDC Graduation” in collaboration with the district administration of Rajshahi on Thursday.

ERD Secretary Sharifa Khan and Divisional Commissioner of Rajshahi GSM Jafarullah attended the event as special guests.  Deputy Commissioner of Rajshahi Abdul Jalil chaired the workshop.

The country is set to leave the list of LDCs by 2026 after enjoying a preparatory period of five years.

ERD, with support from SSGP, has been organizing a series of workshops at the local level to sensitize the grassroots level stakeholders regarding the process and opportunities of LDC graduation as well as to discuss how the local level stakeholders can be involved in the process of ensuring smooth and sustainable LDC graduation.

Speaking on the occasion, ERD Secretary Sharifa Khan called for turning the challenges of LDC graduation into opportunities.

Divisional Commissioner of Rajshahi GSM Jafarullah emphasised making the best utilization of the five-year preparatory period for LDC graduation. He also called for preparing the country for the upcoming Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Deputy Commissioner of Rajshahi Abdul Jalil, in his speech, said that feedback coming from such local consultations would help in relevant policy formulation regarding LDC graduation.

Additional Secretary of ERD and the Project Director of SSGP Farid Aziz, in his welcome remarks, emphasised sensitizing the local private sector representatives, especially the export-oriented industries about the opportunities to be created by LDC graduation of the country.

International Trade Expert of SSGP Nesar Ahmed delivered a presentation providing an overview of the LDC Graduation process while Component Manager of SSGP and Joint Secretary Md Rezaul Bashar Siddique delivered a presentation on “Measures undertaken for Sustainable Graduation”.

Speakers at the workshop highlighted the process of LDC graduation as well as its impacts on Bangladesh. They emphasised greater connectivity of Rajshahi with the rest of the country.

Eminent social worker Shahin Akter Rainy, in her speech, called for incentivizing women’s entrepreneurship for ensuring female empowerment.

Officials from ERD and SSGP, officials from the district administration as well as representatives from the private sector and civil society participated in the workshop.

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