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B’baria by-poll candidate Asif not missing but in hiding: EC Anisur

B’baria by-poll candidate Asif not missing but in hiding: EC Anisur Reported by Rexo News:

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31 January, 2023, 06:35 pm

Last modified: 31 January, 2023, 06:42 pm

Abu Asif Ahmed. Photo: Collected


Abu Asif Ahmed. Photo: Collected

Election Commissioner Anisur Rahman believes that the expelled BNP leader Abu Asif Ahmed, who is an independent candidate in Brahmanbaria-2 constituency, is not missing but “has gone into hiding”.

He made the remarks to reporters at his office in Nirbachan Bhaban in Agargaon of the capital on Tuesday (31 January).

EC Anisur also said that no government forces are involved in the disappearance of Abu Asif. “We saw a video where it appeared that the cover-up was pre-planned. The matter will be known once he is found,” he said.

“We [Election Commission] have been instructed to find him and have him address the media,” he said adding, “If a person hides deliberately, it is difficult to find him.”

“The information we have suggests that he is in hiding. Also, in the recording we obtained, he tells his wife what to bring [to him]. What does it mean when he asks his wife to turn off the CCTV camera and turn it on when he leaves after 10 minutes?

“That means they have a plan, we assume. He may have other motives such as to highlight his importance,” remarks the EC.

He also said that after the news of his disappearance broke out, the EC spoke to the district administration.

“I have asked the DC, SP and district election officer to investigate and file a report on what happened. They said the person’s whereabouts were identified one time. The location was not known as his phone was switched off. All government agencies are working to trace him.”

Anisur further said, “Why did the family not inform the police station or the returning officer if he was missing? A general diary has to be filed at the police station. When his wife was asked why she didn’t do it, she said she did not have the time.”

Abu Asif Ahmed has reportedly been missing since Friday (27 January).

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