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Anti-graft drive stopped at a stage: Menon

Anti-graft drive stopped at a stage: Menon by RexoNews.

Photo collected from Facebook


Photo collected from Facebook

Workers Party President Rashed Khan Menon told parliament today that the anti-corruption drive of the government has stopped at a certain stage.

“Corruption is part of development. But the countries that are on the path of development have taken strict measures to prevent corruption,” Menon said.

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He was participating in the discussion on the thanksgiving motion on the president’s speech in parliament.

He said China has punished 150,000 persons for various terms on corruption charges. “Vietnam has sacked its deputy prime minister. But what have we done in the case of ministers and bureaucrats? No, we didn’t do anything,” he said.

Menon said he will not talk about defaulted loans and money laundering.

“There has been a lot of talks about this in parliament. In this case, the government’s thinking is like that you can say whatever you want, but I will not pay any heed,” he said.

Menon said the US and Western imperialism wanted to involve Bangladesh in their plot of war in Russia and Ukraine, which is leading the world towards third world war.

“The prime minister has managed to keep Bangladesh away from it so far. And this is why all those forces are so vocal about our elections and democracy.”

Menon made it clear that Bangladesh’s democracy and elections are its own affairs.

“They should rather take care of their own matters and talk about others later,” he added.

Criticising BNP, Menon said they have given 27 points to repair state but practically it is an attempt to take the state back to the illegal fifth amendment era.

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